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Alpha 2.0 Changes
   In the Alpha 2.0 update, the changes we made were planned to be made before we opened but due to the fact that 1.13 did not come out around the time we opened, we had to push it back until later on in the year. The hardest part about this update was that due to the fact we pushed the update back when it came time to switch to 1.13 we could not save the inventories or homes. The inventories could not reconcile the new 1.13 block/item names with the old 1.12 block/item names, While the homes could not be transferred due to no supported 1.13 build at the time. For all of this, I am truly sorry but the reas...

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News on 1.13 7 months ago
News About 1.13
This is an important message about the 1.13 update, you might all be curious what is happening with that since 1.13 build for servers is out now, The reason we can't upgrade to 1.13 yet is that the plugins are not ready to be upgraded. It will be a few weeks before all the plugins support 1.13 but I am currently experimenting with the 1.13-build for servers. we have to ask everyone to please be patient and understanding because if we rush into 1.13 we could risk losing inventories or certain plugin level/stats and other things. As far as homes go we will be transferring them over although we are still working out how we are ...

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Alpha 1.0 7 months ago
Alpha 1.0
Huge bug fixes, Important notes, Upcoming issues. 

Releasing the server into Alpha Phase!

  • Buy-craft store has had a major rework, Reworked some of the Ranks, descriptions and removed the boss rank
  • Added and fixed lots of donator permissions that were missing or needed to be added
  • RTP limit was increased, the price was also lowered
  • /spawn no longer cost money
  • /repair (/fix)...

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Dev~v9.0 Patches 7 months ago
Dev-9.2 - Dev-9.9 ~ (ã£â—”â—¡â—”)ã£
This is a flashback on all patches for the Development 9 update
Dev-9.8 - Dev-9.9
New Server GUI
Huge bug fixes
Optimized server performance and playing experience

Added shopkeepers
Added NPC's

Fixed some internal bugs...

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The following message is a plan I put together IN THE EVENT THAT SOMETHING DOES NOT GO AS PLANNED, it is not saying something will go bad or the server will not succeed it is just a safety plan.

Stonecrest Insurance Plan
I want everyone on Stonecrest to feel safe about their homes and creations that why I offer an insurance plan for the server. I do not offer this because I think the server will do bad but because I want to make sure that everyone feels safe while building their homes and playing wit...

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